Why Decision Management

  • Decision Management Software Boosts Your Bottom Line

    As a smart business you've invested wisely in analytics, but a data dump won’t help you run your business better unless it’s integrated with an automated decision management system. The kind of system that gleans insights from a myriad of data points, and constantly improves your operational processes in real time.

    Let’s face it. In today’s hyper speed marketplace it’s next to impossible to stay competitive without a robust EDM (enterprise decision management) or BDM (business decision management) system in place.

Why Scorto for Your Decision Management Needs

  • Scorto Decision Manager - Single Stack Solution Meets All Your Decision Management Needs

    When it comes to decision management software, systems and processes – we own the wheelhouse. Scorto was an EDM/BDM pioneer back in 2005 when the field was still considered an emerging discipline. Over the past decade we’ve delivered hundreds of deployments across 5 continents. And we’ve been named to the FinTech 100 multiple times.

    Decision Manager has taken all the features and functionality of an enterprise system, and made it suitable even for small to mid-size business. So you can enjoy all the benefits of an enterprise decision management platform with fast, easy set-up at an affordable price.

Products & Solutions

  • Decision Manager

    Intuitive decision automation solution with built-in business rules management software. It’s easy to launch using our visual drag-and-drop interface. You can design and run decision flows, business processes, data source integrations and business rules in real time without tech support. 

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  • Strategy Maven

    Our strategy development tool is a primary component of the Decision Manager platform. It’s flexible and user-friendly, making it easy for non-technical business managers to create, test and adjust their program logic without the need for IT resources.

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  • Credit Bureau Software

    Adaptable credit reference bureau platform for easy collection, cleansing, enrichment, analytical processing and sharing or distribution of credit histories along with value-added services: credit scoring, AML, fraud detection, application processing and decision rules.

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Why Scorto for Your Decision Management Needs – Point of Differentiation

The Scorto Difference

  • Tailored

    Custom solutions for the same price as plug-and-play. We implement a functional solution, not just an abstract approach.

  • Fast ROI

    Get quick, turnkey implementation by leveraging the Scorto engine. You’ll be in-market faster, earning an improved return on your investment.

  • Triple Value

    Our focus is total value for our customers. You enjoy decision automation, business process automation, plus predictive analytics.

  • Intuitive

    The user interface is easy to master, because it was designed for a non-technical business executive.

  • Customer Commitment

    Scorto is a globally recognized leader in decision management with a reputation for consistently superior Customer Support.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We integrate a variety of predictive analytic decision support tools for smart, data-driven decisions in real time.


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