Acquire most profitable customers. Provide best tariff plans.

Scorto™ Originator is an automated decisioning platform for contract subscriber acquisition. The system empowers telecom operators to instantly render the right decisions for rate plans, which are optimal for both the subscriber and the operator’s business.

  • Profitably grow your subscriber base;
  • Increase both growth subscriber additions and ARPU;
  • Ensure minimal exposure to subscriber-related write-offs and non-paid disconnects;
  • Reduce cost per gross addition;
  • Increase staff productivity;
  • Drive customer loyalty with fast & accurate service.

Scorto™ Originator automates customer evaluation and enables telecom organizations to minimize financial risk exposure and increase operational efficiency. Proven scoring techniques allow projecting the credit-worthiness of potential customers. System provides visual interface to adjust workflow in response to changes in environment or internal policies. Wizard-based business process modeling engine eliminates vendor dependency and internal IT staff involvement.

With Scorto™ Originator, point-of-sale staff can automatically evaluate and prescreen customers with advanced scoring techniques and identify most profitable plans.
Easy integration with any billing system, external front office or data source, and visual interface for workflow management make Scorto™ Originator the best solution to support your growth.

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