Purpose: customer behavior analysis, credit accounts monitoring, bank customer management, portfolio calculations, Basel II compliant portfolio management.

Banks need Scorto™ Behavia because „„

  • Customers demand more and more, so bank should discover customer needs and abilities faster than competition and balance these needs with bank’s business objectives
  • „„It allows to improve business profitability with more efficient decisions
  • „„The whole potential of bank retail portfolios should be realized
  • „„Acquisition costs increase, so banks should generate more profit from existing customers
  • „„With agility and risk assessment analytics it’s much easier to win competition
  • „„It’s possible to employ acute customer segmentation and risk

Concept and Key Tasks

  • Portfolio risk management
  • „„Credit accounts monitoring
  • „„Customer relationships strategy design, implementation and management
  • „„Cross-sell, up-sell decision support based on customer’s behavior
  • „„Assistance in credit renewal decisions
  • „„Predict churn and/or customer interest in different products
  • „„Risk-based pricing
  • „„Portfolio calculation and risk assessment on a regular basis
  • „„Automated reporting for portfolio analysis and Basel II/III compliance
  • „„Scoring, analysis and decisioning improves Customer Relationship Management
  • Predicting customer behavior on both macro and micro levels

Value Proposition

  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use
  • „„No limit in terms of number of users, or number decision/ work flows
  • „„Incredibly fast, suitable for portfolios of all sizes (millions of transactions in a matter of minutes)
  • „„Perfect CLC tool
  • „„Incredible ROI and customer loyalty benefits
  • Easy to integrate and understand

Examples of Industries and Applications:

  • Banking and Finance:
    • „„Probability of Default
    • „„Customer Loyalty
    • „„Cross and Up Selling
    • Basel II/III compliance
  • Insurance:
    • „„Adjustments of premiums
    • „„Modeling of claim risk
    • „„Cross and Up Selling
  • Telecommunications „„
    • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    • „„Cross and Up Selling
    • Increased understanding of client beh

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