Reduce fraudulent claims losses. Improve customer loyalty.

Scorto™ InsuSafe reduces claims fraud by integrating information from various sources and translating it into meaningful information.
With predictive modeling capabilities of Scorto™ InsuSafe, insurers can uncover previously unknown indicators of fraud and improve their day-to-day fraud detection operations.

  • Identify optimal risk level for effective operation and financial stability of the organization
  • Gain qualitative insights from data for flexible risk management and pricing
  • Reduce the fraud risk on the insurer’s part to the lowest level possible that will help to save money on the amount of insurance payments
  • Eliminate the fraud risk on the insurance agent’s part and improve their performance that enables improving the quality of decision-making
  • Conduct reasonable interest rate changes and effectively plan cross-selling that allows increasing the number of potential clients
  • Transfer from manual to automated underwriting processes
  • Establish qualitative, and quantitative restrictions of accepted risks, limitations on operations

Automation of a set of procedures to insure the decisions based on risk assessment to determine insurance coverage, insurance conditions, deductible level or insurance rate coverage are accurate and profitable. With Scorto™ InsuSafe, insurers can perform better, faster fraud detection analysis and reduce fraud write-offs.

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