Raise payment rates and increase debt collection productivity

Scorto™ Ample Collection is an easy-to-use, simple and nonetheless robust solution for automating debt management processes.
The system segments clients according to their level of insolvency to differentiate collection procedures and maximize recovery rates.

  • Flexible workflow using several portfolios and lending specializations;
  • Evaluation, rating and segmentation of loan cases: use of scoring models and credit rules to evaluate and segment borrowers;
  • Organization of cooperation and interaction between several collection departments and various other groups for First Dunning Level, Second Dunning Level, Third Dunning Level;
  • Specialized reporting — more than 30 types of predefined reports for different departments;
  • Automated methods of influencing borrowers;
  • 30—50 % decrease in time and thus minimum expenditure on managing problem borrowers;
  • 25—50 % increase in the volume of repaid loans;
  • Exact evaluation and rating of problem loan portfolio for subsequent reselling.

Scorto™ Ample Collection also provides the users with the key feature of automatic monitoring the statuses of a loan case and routing the case from one stage to another. The system automatically monitors the status of loan cases and repayment of loans and subsequently reassigns the case to the corresponding agent. The monitoring and reassignment of cases between departments as well as the routing of cases to appropriate stages is performed in strict accordance with rules and business processes defined in Scorto™ Ample Collection.

Using the provided tools for visual modeling, agents from banks, credit organizations or collection agencies can modify predefined business processes and rules or create customized workflows and algorithms for processing loan cases.

These features enable financial institutions to organize debt management processes more effectively, thus ensuring higher quality and success. For banks and credit organizations this means faster processing of past-due payment portfolio, better repayment performance on loans and past-due amounts, and significant decrease in expenses on maintaining and supporting the system.

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