Watch your customers.
Predict future performance based on previous behavior.

Scorto™ Behavia is a customer strategy management solution equipped with automation of Basel II/III calculations, customer rating and segmentation. Based on proven behavioral scoring technologies, the solution provides decision support for credit limit management, risk-based pricing and recurring loan origination, and enables lenders to capture cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Scorto™ Behavia is a perfect solution for building an Internal Ratings-Based System and optimizing its performance with integrated Basel II/III reporting modules.


  • Basel II/III data storage and management;
  • Behavioral scorecard development;
  • Estimation of PD, EAD, LGD and other parameters required for calculating the RWA;
  • Internal ratings-based development of Basel II/III capital adequacy reporting.

With Scorto™ Behavia visual editing and administrative tools, any authorized business user can easily develop, launch, manage and have full control over the customer management strategies without IT staff involvement.

Analyze payments amount and stability, accounts profitability, customer attrition, delinquencies amount and duration.
Take customer relationship on a new level, provide fast and accurate service and target customers with the most appropriate offers.

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