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Using Scorto Bureau Nucleus credit bureau subscribers can improve the quality client portfolio through a differentiated approach to customers which is based on their credit history.

Scorto Bureau Nucleus provides bureau subscribers with Credit Scores.

  • Credit Scores

It is a risk score based on credit reference data and is often referred to as a bureau score or a generic risk score. The bureau score establishes the probability of repayment, or credit risk and is developed using data analysis and statistical techniques. A lending institution can refuse an application for credit if the score indicates a higher level of risk than they are willing to accept.

  • Customer monitoring

In its simplest form consumer monitoring is a service that alerts a lender that new negative data associated with one of its customers has been loaded to the credit bureau. Scorto Bureau Nucleus provides the alert message back to the lender in electronic file or via web interface.

  •  Application fraud detection

This service helps stopping fraud before it happens by identifying suspicious applications by cross-referencing the current application with credit bureau data.

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