Improve the claim handler and policy administration efficiency. Decrease turnaround time on regulatory reporting.

Scorto™ Behavia for Insurers is a solution for policy administration and customer lifecycle management through scoring and analysis.

The system empowers insurers to better understand changing customer demands, gain insight into sales opportunities, and keep their focus on the most productive products and services. Understanding of customer behavior and decision processes allows insurers to detect and anticipate unmet customer needs and establish deeper relationships with their customers.

  • Improve efficiency of policy servicing operations. Increase accuracy and speed of claim handlers' decisions.
  • Identify the causes of churn & improve retention.
  • Capture cross-sell opportunities
  • Predict product profitability across different target groups
  • Perform transactions more swiftly, more accurate and less costly
  • Streamline and simplify regulatory compliance and capital reserve calculations. Determine capital requirements according to all possible macro- & micro-economic conditions.
  • Discover additional revenue streams and detect white spaces in the market
  • Segment customers by behavioral and demographic factors and improve customer and intermediary service

Scorto™ Behavia translates customer data into strategic, well-supported business decisions that improve day-to-day operations.
Implementing multiple customer segmentation schemes and applying targeted approach greatly improves effectiveness of marketing spend.
Unique insights into customer demands and policyholder behavior help improve decision making on pricing and reserving.
With this solution, insurers can measure, improve and maintain high-quality customer experience, and efficiently design new products and services.

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