Detect fraud at the point of loan application

Scorto™ Fraud Barrier stops fraud before it happens by detecting and isolating potentially fraudulent applications. Investigate cases and prevent losses without compromises in decision speed and acceptance rates.

The core of the solution is the comprehensive fraud detection engine that scans each application using a series of fraud detection scenarios. Each alert and each warning contains a digital ranking of its severity. Using this combined severity, all applications are ranked and automatically placed in dynamic queues for investigation.

  • Automatically look for abnormal, untypical or extreme values in application information. Validate application data for consistency, veracity and conformity with known national, industrial, organizational and other limitations.
  • Score each application with fraud scoring models based on advanced data mining techniques to calculate proximity to "ideal customer" or to "fraudulent customer". Get informative alerts for automatic reject or further Prevention.
  • Automatically check against internal and external black lists.
  • Employ decision trees, self-organizing maps, distribution patterns, outliers detection and fraud scoring models based on artificial neural networks to achieve the highest fraud detection rates in industry.

Scorto™ Fraud Barrier is a highly scalable solution able to satisfy the most performance-demanding organizations.
Multiple automatic connections to different data sources as well as multiple fraud interception strategies for each product and each market segment can be easily configured and integrated with the existing IT environment in your organization. Scorto™ Fraud Barrier can be fully integrated and operate automatically in real-time with an application processing solution or with a transaction management solution. Scorto™ Fraud Barrier allows you to centralize all fraud prevention rules, policies, and processes onto a single and easy-to-manage platform that performs its duty for all products, all departments and all customer segments. A single centralized database contains all fraud cases, relevant data and actions thus facilitating knowledge sharing across the entire financial organization and offering significant competitive advantages.

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