Purpose: customer acquisition, credit application processing, application scoring, loan origination.

Organizations need Scorto™ Loan Decision because

  • This is the way to increase the profitability of credit application decisions
  • It simplifies the management of loan originations and makes operations more efficient
  • Bank customers demand fast decisions
  • Credit risks should be under control when credit portfolio increases
  • Market changes require constant adaptation of decision rules & scorecards
  • External pressure to reduce cost should be addressed via automation

Concept and Key Tasks

  • Decision flow automation with the ability to design and put in production decision strategies, credit application processing flows, business rules via intuitive drag-n-drop interface. In spite of easy-to-learn interface, any level of flows complexity, any number of steps or sub-strategies, any kind of calculations and risk evaluation models are supported
  • Loan origination process automation, management, monitoring, and evaluation. Support for “champion-challenger” mode
  • Application data input, application routing among the participants of decision-making process with the system of specialized web-based workplaces
  • Data verification and comparison to any internal or external data sources
  • Custom application forms and entry forms design through the specialized interface

Value Proposition

  • Very powerful, and almost no functional limitations
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use
  • No limit in terms of number of users, or number decision/workflows
  • Allows for Business Process and Business Rules Management in one easy to use solution
  • Flexible and easily integrate-able with most major banking systems and DBMS’s

Examples of Industries and Applications

  • Banking & Finance
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Front & Back Office Processes
    • Automation of Loan Application Processes
    • Credit Scoring
  • Insurance
    • Application Processing and Scoring
    • Claims risk management
    • Underwriting
  • Telecommunications
    • Application Processing

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