Watch your customers. Reduce churn and improve customer loyalty.

Scorto™ Behavia is a solution for customer management and retention optimized to automate customer revenue growth, subscriber retention, and customer value calculations.

  • Predict customer behavior on both macro and micro levels. Anticipate trends with advanced behavioral scoring techniques.
  • Optimize up-sell opportunities. Analyze customer preferences and spending patterns to optimize your offerings and target customers with the most appropriate propositions and resolutions;
  • Monitor customer satisfaction level and anticipate churn. Watch tendencies in accounts’ dynamics, evaluate churn risks, identify your at-risk accounts;
  • Design and customize bundled services. Optimize pricing plans based on customer behaviors, deliver tailored and differentiated service to each customer.
  • Discover additional revenue streams and establish deeper and more durable relationships with your customers.

With Scorto™ Behavia, you can be pro-active in saving and pleasing your highly valued clients, increase account profitability and reduce operational expenses.
Assess customer account dynamics and evaluate potential risks and profit opportunities that can arise from the subscribers experience and behaviors.
Understand the customer experience, as well as risks and opportunities for developing strategies and action plans.
Predict deteriorating trends prior to churn. Determine most appropriate pricing and rate plans, allocate resources in accordance with customer value, and reduce efforts and expenses of call center personnel.

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