Purpose: predictive analytics and scoring models development.

Banks need Scorto™ Model Maestro to perform credit risk models and scorecards development in-house as well as statistically analyze credit portfolios.

Concept and Key tasks:

  • Analyzing credit portfolio data, visualizing customer characteristics distributions and dependencies with 3D reports, associative strengths, and Kohonen map
  • Identifying the key factors, impacting customer’s creditworthiness
  • Building scoring models with either logistic regression, decision tree/decision rules or neural networks, as well as creating expert scorecards
  • Comparing different scorecards and analyzing their efficiency with ROC, Lorenz, Kolmogorov-Smirnov curves and many more popular model performance reports
  • Processing imported data in order to detect and block anomalies, such as outliers, wrong type or missing values
  • Connects to any database, including direct access to MS SQL and Oracle

Value Proposition

  • Model Maestro demystifies the high science of scorecard development algorithms, brings it down to bank’s practical needs, with standardized pre-defined development flow and wizard-based interface
  • Designed to be used by ordinary risk managers, predictive analysts and scorecard developers without Ph.D. background or strong mathematical skills. No need to learn the command-line language, everything is visual, best practices are incorporated into the standardized workflow
  • With Model Maestro will have the power to create scorecards in-house, keeping all the knowledge and control inside an organization, without the need to transfer sensitive customer data to 3rd party scorecard developers or consultants
  • Model Maestro supports the whole cycle of scorecard usage from cradle to grave. It gives ability not only to create but monitor and improve scorecards with pre-defined extremely visualized reports facilitating fast adaptation to changing market conditions
  • Basel 2 ready: allows creating PD models with one click



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