We are always ready to help you!

Our dedicated support staff is committed to helping you succeed with Scorto™ Solutions whenever you may require our assistance. We provide fast, accurate, and professional technical service support for our products.

Advanced service is available to those customers who have purchased Scorto's™ software and have an active support/maintenance contract.

You can contact Scorto™ Technical Support at HelpDesk or Contact Us.

With the help of the Scorto™ Technical Support, you can exploit your Scorto™ software more effectively.

Before Contacting Support

To facilitate the problem-solving process, please collect the following information prior to contacting the Scorto support staff.

  1. The name and version of your Scorto™ product;
  2. The name and version of the operating system;
  3. DBMS name and version;
  4. General statement of the problem;
  5. Detailed steps that will help to reproduce the problem;
  6. Screenshots of error messages or, at least, descriptions of error messages;
  7. Frequency and intervals of the problem's occurrence;
  8. Detailed steps to reproduce the problem;
  9. Copies of the Scorto™ product log and configuration files;
  10. Changes that may have been made to the Scorto™ products, including any new configuration or software upgrades;
  11. Hardware and software changes that may have been made to the initial environment.