1. Scorecard Development, Validation and Monitoring

    Scorto utilizes its proven predictive modeling skills combined with a solid practical knowledge of credit risks in different lending areas (retail, auto, mortgage, credit cards etc.) providing its customers with scorecard development, validation and monitoring services.

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  2. Credit Strategies Design and Improvement

    Following our commitment to provide the full cycle of decision management and credit scoring services we at Scorto use all our knowledge and experience to provide a world-class credit strategy development and improvement service.

    Why rely on partially proven or “potentially” effective methods and approaches when building your credit strategies internally? Now you can get it done by true professionals whose ideas already bring profit to a number of clients worldwide. Development and implementation of business rules and business processes doesn’t require additional efforts and resources anymore.

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  3. Credit Portfolio Analysis

    With effective credit portfolio management, you can increase your credit portfolio without increasing risks, and still minimize credit losses without shrinking your revenues and opportunities. Scorto helps you achieve this goal by offering robust credit risk and portfolio management solutions for banking institutions and other credit organizations.

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  4. Scorecards & Internal Ratings

    The Scorto solution enables quick and efficient credit score cards and risk scorecards and scoring models development, validation, and deployment using the broadest possible range of credit scoring modeling techniques, including expert modeling, logistic regression, decision trees, and neural networks. As a part of the solution Scorto offers development of custom rating and scoring models based on historical in-house data as well as our special (and proven) approach to develop start-up credit score cards for lenders that do not possess sufficient historical data.

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  5. Basel II Modeling, Reporting, Stress Testing

    Whether your institution must comply with Basel II, Basel III, Dodd Frank or any other regulatory requirements; Scorto Products empower our customers to attain compliance with regional requirements for retail and commercial credit risk management while improving reserve capital and credit portfolio management efficiency. With Scorto, meeting governmental demands is a pain-free process and inexpensive enterprise!

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  6. Early Warning System

    With Scorto’s Early Warning System, you can see hazards approaching, and manage them before they become write-offs or bad debts. Whether you want to manage your portfolio on the Micro or Macro Level, Scorto provides the perfect solution to keep all of your clients on time, and contributing to your bottom line.

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