Purpose: debt collection process management, collection scoring, debtors’ segmentation, collector’s efforts optimization, automation of collection actions.

Organizations need Scorto™ Ample Collection because:

  • It helps to collect more debts from more customers
  • „„It manages collections and debt recovery based on customer knowledge
  • „„Bad debts do not necessarily mean bad customers! These should be addressed in the most efficient and effective way to balance collection and retention
  • „„Acquisition costs can increase. So you should carefully select collection actions to keep retention rates high
  • „„The Cost of Collection does not need to be high in order for you to obtain maximum collection results!

Concept and Key Tasks: „„

  • Allows for automated decision and process flows in every step of the collections cycle: soft, middle, hard and legal collection
  • „„Use of scoring models and collection rules to evaluate and segment borrowers
  • „„Automation of collections: automatically sending SMS, e-mail, making voice calls or mailing print letters
  • „„ Automation of a delinquent account routing between different collection process participants
  • „„Automation of every-day tasks of collection officers due to the set of specialized customizable web-based workplaces
  • „„Specialized reporting for different departments
  • „„Provides case by case scoring and analysis to allow for more efficient use of resources and greater success in debt recovery
  • Ability to assign roles and responsibilities to various stakeholders in the collections process and hierarchy

Value Proposition

  • Unique combination of tailored decision flow and workflow design in one easy-to-use package
  • „„Incredibly intuitive and easy to use
  • „„Automatically treat and assign cases
  • „„No limit in terms of number of users, or number decision/ work flows
  • „„Ability to report on individual cases, or entire A/R (accounts receivable) portfolio
  • „„Flexible and easily integrate with most major banking systems and DBMS’s
  • „„No need of IT involvement for rules, strategies, and other process changes

Examples of Industries and Applications:

  • „„Across All Industries!
    • „„Front line collections
    • „„Soft, medium and hard collections
    • „„Legal collections
    • „„ Automation of Dunning processes and actions
    • „„Collection scoring to allow for prioritization of cases and management of resources
    • „„Corporate Collections

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