Credit bureaus need Scorto Bureau Nucleus to:

  • Simplify gathering credit reference data and quality control
  • Automate data validation and cross-checks;
  • Correctly identify customers including those in countries without standard identification systems;
  • Automate generation of bureau scores;
  • Build credit application processing rules; supporting different strategies for different credit institutions and different credit products granting bureau’s attractive financial opportunities through value added services;
  • Automate and strengthen fraud prevention;
  • Automate portfolio monitoring and reporting;
  • Provide consumer access to their data
  • Easily implement business and IT changes

Concept and Key tasks:

Scorto Bureau Nucleus offers credit reference services and other functions and services associated with credit bureaus. This service retrieves and matches data relevant to the applicant and returns it to the subscriber to the service. The data may be in raw and/or summarized form.

Value Proposition:

  • The most sensible Reciprocity Engine on the market with configurable rules for different groups of bureau clients, different data contribution levels and different credit products
  • Your Data Engine is ready to capture negative and positive information about a vast array of credit products, including cash loans, Shariah-compliant products and micro-credits
  • Top-level Security Subsystems infused in all modules; including state-of-the-art authentication processes, rules-based access rights controls, and automated digital signatures on all user actions
  • Bear no limitations to types of data sources that are required to be integrated within the credit reporting process, including real-time access to any type of external databases

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