Purpose: provide the simplest to use and most flexible decision management solution on the market.

Scorto offers the ultimate solution that combines business rules management system and business process management capabilities and facilitates the creation, registration, classification, verification, deployment and execution of business rules and business processes. This decision management software is called Scorto™ Strategy Maven.

Intuitive Business Rules Management

The business rule set / decision flow is created as a visual model and can be easily configured by dragging pre-defined rule nodes (steps of the decision flow) from the Nodes Container area into the visual editor working area. Thus, the flexibility and usability of the Strategy Maven is second to none in that it allows business users to create, test and implement desired adjustments or improvements on their own and independent of expensive IT or vendor resources. This is done due to the unparalleled usability and intuitive nature of Strategy Maven. 

Risk Calculations on Portfolio Level

Strategy Maven facilitates the process of risk parameters calculation and allows building automated decision making process based on the results of the performed calculations. Calculations can be performed both: on customer and on portfolio level, thus supporting Basel 2/3 requirements.

Internal Ratings-Based Approach Supported:

  • Definition of borrowers groups (risk categories);
  • Distribution of the current client base into homogenous groups based on developed scorecards and rating ranges;
  • Calculation of PD for each borrower group;
  • Estimation of EAD, LGD and other parameters required for calculating the RWA, for each group;
  • New customers automatically assigned to a corresponding risk group using internal scoring rating and credit decisioning procedures;
  • Calculations for parameters such as LTV (loan-to-value), DTI (debt-to-income), LTI (loan-to-income) and others can be configured to automatically make operational decisions that improve customer or portfolio management.

Scorecards and Predictive Models Incorporation

With Scorto™ Strategy Maven scorecards can be integrated with business rules and immediately deployed on the business rules engine to be used as elements within the business process or a decision analytics flow. No programming skills or IT staff involvement is needed. All is done in an easy and intuitive way.

All Types of Scoring Supported:

  • application scorecards;
  • behavioral scoring models;
  • commercial score cards and SME rating models;
  • debt collection scorecards
  • fraud prevention scorecards;
  • PD, LGD, EAD models;
  • Other types of predictive models.

Visual Data Sources Integration

Scorto™ Strategy Maven provides for not only a business rules software, decision management tool and process design studio, but also a flexible integration capabilities with web applications, web services, data sources, credit bureaus and external systems as well as embedded ETL functionality, thus offering our customers the most flexible and comprehensive tool on the market.

Real-time Decision Engine

Server-side decision engine of the solution (Scorto Core) allows you to automate your everyday operational decisions in real-time using decision analytics flows, business rules and processes designed in Strategy Maven. Scorto Admin add-on allows you manage users and rights, while Scorto Master offers the capability to publish/activate/deactivate rules, scorecards, decision strategies and document templates.

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