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Scorto™ Model Maestro is a predictive analytics software for the development of scoring models and loan portfolio analysis. It allows identifying the key factors, impacting customer’s creditworthiness, developing scorecards, analyzing scorecards efficiency and exporting scorecards to the decision management system.

  • Data analysis, grouping and preprocessing for scorecard development as well as for credit portfolio analysis based on scoring results;
  • Identification of the key factors that impact the customers’ creditworthiness;
  • Fully automatic scoring model development and its performance evaluation;
  • Export of scoring models directly to the server of the scoring system and their direct integration with the decision-making module;
  • Customer database analysis for customer differentiation into segments according to the corresponding risk indicators or other factors.

With Portfolio Analysis Module users can perform advanced analysis of the selected dataset and extract most important predictive characteristics.
Scoring Model Development Module provides vast modeling capabilities based on Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Decision Rules or Neural Networks methods.
Evaluation Module is designed for most accurate scorecard evaluation. Beside statistical analysis, scoring models can be validated based on their operational characteristics and their performance on certain datasets.

An important distinctive feature of Scorto™ Model Maestro is the possibility of further using a combination of several scoring models of different formats for so called model committees. In this case, several scoring models are used simultaneously and make a single, collective decision.

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