Early Warning System

With Scorto’s Early Warning System, you can see hazards approaching, and manage them before they become write-offs or bad debts. Whether you want to manage your portfolio on the Micro or Macro Level, Scorto provides the perfect solution to keep all of your clients on time, and contributing to your bottom line.

How it works:

Scorto’s Early Warning System (EWS) acts as an add-on to both our Ample Collection, and Behavia solutions.

Micro Applications:
Once EWS is employed, each of your accounts will receive regular ratings based on client behavior and changes in status (supplied by various data feeds where available). When the ratings pass a certain level, a flag is raised and the account is referred to an agent for further investigation and potential action.

Macro Applications:
With the EWS add on for Behavia, Risk Managers and portfolio analysts will be able to set regular triggers for alert when a portfolio surpasses a comfortable level of risk. The reports provided by the triggers provide in-depth analysis of where the risks lie, which in turn allow your analysts to determine if this is acceptable, and (if not) which courses of action should be taken to mitigate and/or eliminate the high level of risk.

The comfort of seeing the danger in advance…

With Scorto’s EWS add-on’s, you get:

  1. The comfort of seeing the dangers in the road well enough in advance to be able to take corrective action BEFORE there is a problem.
  2. The increased revenues and security of regularly paying accounts (an improvement of over 43% on late payments).
  3. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the time to react to otherwise unforeseen turbulence in your portfolio as well as client accounts.
  4. The development of stronger operations and performance across multiple business units.
  5. The efficiency of more streamlined organizations and operations.
  6. The beauty of smaller operational expenses, and larger net incomes on your income statements.

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