Credit Strategies Design and Improvement

Following our commitment to provide the full cycle of decision management and credit scoring services we at Scorto use all our knowledge and experience to provide a world-class credit strategy development and improvement service.

Why rely on partially proven or “potentially” effective methods and approaches when building your credit strategies internally? Now you can get it done by true professionals whose ideas already bring profit to a number of clients worldwide. Development and implementation of business rules and business processes doesn’t require additional efforts and resources anymore.

When deciding to get your credit strategy developed by dedicated professionals you benefit from:

  • Independent and unbiased evaluation of your business environment;
  • Using the industry’s most proven and up-to-date approaches through the knowledge of experts who are concentrated solely on credit strategies;
  • More effective staff allocation within your organization;
  • Significantly reduced time and cost efforts for development of credit strategy;
  • Ability to concentrate on your business with no need to set up new processes for a one-time project.

With Scorto vigorous credit strategies design and improvement service you get:

  1. Thorough analysis of your organization’s internal and external environment by top experts of Scorto.
  2. Close cooperation with your employees to define your business goals and opportunities for their achievement.
  3. Cost vs. Profit analysis of different approaches.
  4. Credit strategy integration into your business process and trainings for the key personnel of your organization.
  5. Post-implementation strategy monitoring, effectiveness analysis and support.

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