Design custom decision automation applications. Embed business intelligence into every actions.

Scorto™ Strategy Maven is a platform that empowers businesses to build their own decision automation applications. Strategy Maven automatically transforms Big Data into knowledge, and then turns knowledge into actions.

  • Increase efficiency of your operations. Support every human action and decision with technology and analytics;
  • Extract insights and strategic knowledge from every piece of data;
  • Adjust business flow to support company growth and to quickly respond to changes in operational environment;
  • Embedded self-learning capabilities: different decisioning strategies can be run simultaneously to identify the most effective one;
  • Special editions are optimized to automate decisioning for loan origination, customer lifecycle, debt collection, fraud detection;
  • No IT skills, It-related background or "programming language mind" required.

With Scorto™ Strategy Maven you can gain competitive advantage by using informational and human resources in the most robust way. Embed business intelligence into every stage of your operations and ensure consistency and follow-through to decisions based on the data insights.

Bring automation, speed and centralization to your decisioning process with Strategy Maven and increase profit from every operational decision! 

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