Scorecards & Internal Ratings

The Scorto solution enables quick and efficient credit score cards and risk scorecards and scoring models development, validation, and deployment using the broadest possible range of credit scoring modeling techniques, including expert modeling, logistic regression, decision trees, and neural networks. As a part of the solution Scorto offers development of custom rating and scoring models based on historical in-house data as well as our special (and proven) approach to develop start-up credit score cards for lenders that do not possess sufficient historical data.

The solution consists of four parts and backed up with professional services to ensure a smooth and problem-free project flow.

  1. Rating and scoring model development software – Scorto Model Maestro
  2. Model validation and monitoring software – Scorto Supervisor
  3. Robust middleware server-side engine to use developed models for online or batch scoring
  4. Model development, training and consulting services
  1. Why you need it
    • To quantify your risks, increase customer base, reduce the number of bad customers and increase the profitability of retail customers, internal scorecards are your means to success.
    • To gain a strategic advantage by extracting from your historical customer data as much information and usefulness as possible. This will allow you to guide your customer-centric decisions more effectively.
    • Credit granting, customer management, debt collection and portfolio management decisions can be improved tremendously with internal scorecards.
    • Internal Ratings Based (IRB) approach of Basel II requires in-house scoring models development and monitoring

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