Credit Bureau Software

Provide most accurate credit reference information.
Enhance your revenues with value-added services.

Scorto™ Bureau Nucleus offers credit reference services and other functions and services associated with credit bureaus.

  • Data Quality Guard: automatic data validation and cross-checks during the data load process to ensure consistency across the database;
  • Fuzzy Identifier: allows the bureau to correctly indentify customers using the latest technologies such as fuzzy logic (which can be used for fuzzy customer name comparisons), as well as multi-field comparisons to identify customers in countries without standard identification systems.
  • Credit Scoring Engine: automated generation of bureau scores with classical scorecards, neural network models, decision tree models, and expert models.
  • Visual Business Rules Engine: easy-to-use visual tool to build credit application processing rules; supporting different strategies for different credit institutions and different credit products granting bureau’s attractive financial opportunities through value added services.
  • Fraud Barrier: A versatile fraud prevention engine with automatic black list checks, fraud prevention rules, fraud detection scoring, visually customizable validation rules and more.
  • Portfolio Supervisor: process your sub-portfolios with credit risk calculations, risk checks, credit account monitoring verifications and generate aggregated portfolio-level reports using OLAP technology.

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