Purpose: customer portfolio analysis, custom report building, portfolio monitoring and reporting.

Banks need Scorto™ Supervisor to create automatically updated reports to monitor portfolio performance and operational efficiency.

Concept and Key Tasks:

  • Building comprehensive reports framework for the entire lending activity
  • Implementing advanced operational, performance, portfolio, scorecard reporting system
  • Building reporting system required to comply with Basel 2/3 or local regulatory requirements
  • Automation of regular report updates
  • Automated access to any data source
  • Reports data import and export to the most popular formats

Value Proposition

  • Pre-defined best-practice reports. For any credit product or loan lifecycle stage Scorto™ Supervisor has a set of predefined reports that are natively integrated with Scorto databases or can easily be integrated with any 3rd party data sources. Sets of predefined reports include Basel 2 compliance, scorecard performance monitoring, lending operational efficiency, debt collection efficiency, decision management efficiency, etc.
  • Custom reports design with an extremely intuitive drag-ndrop interface and supported by wizard. Basic aggregators (such as sum and average), as well as Basel II calculations, can be added with a single click.
  • Integration flexibility. Scorto™ Supervisor can be integrated with almost any corporate back-end or front-end system. Besides, data for reports can be imported from and exported to all most widespread data formats.
  • Vast visualization capabilities. Any report can be easily visualized with a single click using the drill-down technology. A wide variety of chart types is available.
  • Scheduled report updates with automatic alerts delivery. As the new data appears in the system it can be easily updated both manually and as scheduled
  • Universal OLAP-based reporting tool. Centralized reports storage with Windows and Web access according to user rights.

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