Scorecard Development, Validation and Monitoring

Scorto utilizes its proven predictive modeling skills combined with a solid practical knowledge of credit risks in different lending areas (retail, auto, mortgage, credit cards etc.) providing its customers with scorecard development, validation and monitoring services.

Regardless of whether you need to…

  • Increase your sales while keeping your bad rate low,
  • Raise your credit portfolio profitability,
  • Put your credit risks under control,
  • Launch new credit product quickly,
  • Minimize human bias in lending decision,
  • Improve your staff productivity,

…Scorto experts will be there for you with appropriate solutions even for the most critical problems such as:

  • not enough historical data,
  • low-quality data,
  • no data at all.

With years of practical experience in this background Scorto is now able to apply proven approaches even in the cases which seem to be unsolvable.

Now you too can benefit from Scorto’s expertise and practical knowledge. By ordering Scorto scorecard development services you get:

  1. Your portfolio data analysis, along with cleansing and enrichment if needed, followed by a detailed report on the key performance measures – current and forecasted.
  2. A scoring model developed to meet your requirements using best-practice methodology, thoroughly tested in a simulated environment with a detailed report on the results provided to you.
  3. Pre-implementation validation of the scorecard effectiveness in your business environment and its tuning to ensure achieving the best performance.
  4. Proper integration of your scorecard into your existing business process and your staff trained to work effectively with it.
  5. Post-implementation and on-going monitoring & maintenance of your scorecard.

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