Credit Risk Models Development (Scorecard Development)


This course gives an introduction to the process of scoring model development. Topics of the course cover the general steps of the scorecard development project – from the historical data collection and preparation to the scorecard design, validation and implementation


16 - 8 hours



Who should attend:

Risk Managers and risk analysts who are responsible for scoring model development

Learn how to

  • prepare representative and robust data for model training
  • design a basic scorecard using logistic regression
  • assess and validate the scorecard
  • implement the scorecard into the credit granting process
  • control the scorecard power and adequacy on pre- and post-implementation stages


It is recommended taking the “Credit Application Processing and Scoring Systems” course before attending this course. Also before attending this course you should have some experience using computer software. Basic mathematics/statistics knowledge is desirable, but still required basic information will be covered during the course.

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the Credit Scoring Modeling
  • Data Collection and Formalization Process
  • Data Sampling and Analysis
  • Scorecard Development
  • Scorecard Assessment and Validation
  • Implementation of the Scorecard
  • Scorecard and Portfolio Monitoring

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