Credit Portfolio Analysis

With effective credit portfolio management, you can increase your credit portfolio without increasing risks, and still minimize credit losses without shrinking your revenues and opportunities. Scorto helps you achieve this goal by offering robust credit risk and portfolio management solutions for banking institutions and other credit organizations.

Your benefits:

  • Handle credit risk with the help of an automated risk evaluation and management system for direct management of the credit and profitability risks.
  • Determine your customers' creditworthiness and select the most profitable relationship policy, while attracting new qualified prospects. Scorto’s solution employs a thorough automated decision-management system, which reduces the risks.
  • Make precise forecasts of the quality of your credit portfolio using the predictive modeling capabilities of the Scorto credit risk management system.
  • Manage the quality of your credit portfolio maximally effectively by employing mathematical credit risk models, versatile decision management and alert-based portfolio reporting.
  • "Profit from solution" flexibility
    Use third-party risk models or develop your own with Scorto Model Maestro. Special integration bus to integrate our solution easily into the infrastructure of your banking institution or credit organization;
  • Watch your portfolio from various perspectives
    Easily combine different segmentation strategies and different models for risk factor calculations of different regions, credit products or portfolios using a visual drag-n-drop interface.

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