Application Fraud Prevention and Fraud Scoring


This course describes basic concepts and specifics of fraud detection, prevention and scoring. The description of decision management systems fraud detection and prevention is given. The course also gives basic knowledge of fraud detection rules preparation.


6 - 8 hours



Who should attend:

Risk Managers, Security (Fraud Detection) Officers

Learn how to

  • form fraud prevention and detection rules
  • build and use fraud scoring model
  • develop risk-based fraud detection strategy
  • use automated fraud scoring systems for fraud detection


It recommended taking “An Overview of the Automated Decision Management Environment” and “Introduction to Credit Scoring” courses before attending this course.

Course contents:

  • Credit Scoring Introduction
  • Fraud Detection, Prevention and Scoring Business Tasks
  • Concept and Architecture of Fraud Detection, Prevention and Scoring Systems
  • Internal and External Fraud
  • Work roles and workplaces
  • Administration aspects
  • Fraud Scoring Models Overview
  • Fraud Detection Rules Development

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