• Application Scoring

    Application scoring quantifies the risks, associated with loan applications, by evaluating the social, demographic, financial, and other data collected at the time of the application.

  • Behavioral Scoring

    Behavioral scoring quantifies the customer behavior to improve your credit portfolio management and customer management. Behavioral scoring helps you to better understand your customers, and, the better you understand your customers, the more effectively you can respond to their individual needs and increase your bottom line.

  • Collection Scoring

    Collection scoring quantifies the probability of recovery of the outstanding balance for those accounts in collections. Collection scorecard statistically estimates debtor’s willingness to pay and ability to pay and thus helps to define what actions should be done to increase collections.

  • Fraud Scoring

    Fraud scoring rank-order applicants according to the probability that an application may be fraudulent and thus alerts you of potentially fraudulent applications before you book an account.

  • Tailored

    Ideally tailored solution for the price of a boxed one. Scorto business model is to sell solution not as an abstract platform, but as an all-around adjusted...

  • Fast ROI

    Extremely short implementation time – means faster time to market and faster ROI. Due to specially designed architecture and genuine operational.

  • 3-fold Value

    3-fold value + total focus - seamless combination of Decisioning Automation + Business Process Automation + Predictive Analytics with Reporting..

  • Visualized

    The most visualized and the easiest to learn user interface designed for an ordinary business user, that means NO mathematical background...

  • Commitment

    Commitment – Scorto is proud to be recognized as providing the best support to our customers in the industry At Scorto we pride ourselves...

  • High-end Analytics

    Neural networks are able to establish a relationship between the different characteristics of a borrower and the possibility of default on the loan issued to him...